Gordon is a Belief Analyst, Author and
Radio Show Host. He has been called
the “Wisdomologist”. He has a unique way of helping people break through the Beliefs in their lives that have kept them daily from achieving their goals and moving forward.
Believing is the Quest, Trust is the Key is a Book, a Radio Show, but most of all it is a Way of Life. Gordon States “The Birth of Anything and Everthing We Do Starts Within Us. The Degree of Success is Solely Based on the Core Belief in Ourselves”. If you are truly ready to change the direction of your days and move toward the life you have desired, Gordon will walk with you down the path of your beliefs and find the Keys to unlock the doors that have kept you from reaching your goals and achieving success in your life. Few people take the time to find out and most don’t even know what their true beliefs are. Are They Yours? Gordon teaches people to realize that: What You See, What You Hear, What You Think and Then What You Say IS YOUR DAY. If you don’t like your day, your Beliefs have created that reality.
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